Pecha Kucha
San Jose, California

Twenty20 Slides, Twenty20 Seconds Each

Vol #2 - Recall

We did a little better this time recording the presenters.  Still, the audio is a little quiet, but you should be able to turn yours up and make out what they're saying.  We had a great time and the video shows this. 

Make sure you mark down April 4th for the next event!

Photographs, thanks to Greg Zamira.  Videos, thanks to Justin Bretschneider.


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Debbie Bretschneider
My Journey in Costume


Brian Chesky
AirBnB How an Airbed in a Living Room Turned into a Global Movement  


Ben Costa
Shi Long Pang, The Wandering Shaolin Monk


Stephen Nelson  
Baycon TV: How to Create and Destroy a TV Station in Four Days 


Peter Nyboer
Why Roasting a Pig is Better Than Talking About Work! 


Michael Zachary Huber
Project X, The Offering



The Sonoma Chicken Coop

February 23rd, 2010

Terrific time at this great restaraunt in Campbell.