Pecha Kucha
San Jose, California

Twenty20 Slides, Twenty20 Seconds Each

Vol #1 - Reflection

Recording our presenters was a last minute deal, with non-optimal equipment, lighting, sound... well you get the picture.  In two cases we were able to get alternate videos, which are shot at a bit of an angle, but we've included those as well.

Important note: You may notice a yellow blotch on the screen.  This was an unfortunate last-minute malfunction in the projector at the Improv theatre.

We're upping the video and photography bar in future events, but for now this is what we captured.  Hope you'll enjoy.

Photographs, thanks to Greg Zamira.  Videos, thanks to Mark Jaremko and Jake Zamira. Thanks also to Steve Wishman for use of his videos.  Thanks also to David Tapia for allowing us to link his YouTube posting.


Flickr Photostream


Michael Moon The Perils of Reflection.  

Alternate Angle:

Peter Huboi  The YouTube Resume 


Alternate Video courtesy of David Tapia:


Kevin Roche Evolution of a Lounge Lizard

Howard Cooperstein My Problems with Monkeys

Mark Jaremko I Shoot at Night

We're particularly sorry that the quality of this video does not do Mark's photography justice.  Please visit his web site at to see these and many other works.

Steve Wishman Form Follows Function


Alternate Angle:


Cameron Douraghy Myth to Comic

 Unfortunately a camera problem ended this video early.  Hopefully we can find a second rumored video of Cameron's presentation.

Nate Costa  Making of Crackpot Comic

Video of this presentation will not be released until after the premiere of the movie.  Stay tuned!

The Improv Theatre

October 20th, 2009

The inaugural event at a lovely, if somewhat flawed, theatre in downtown San Jose