Pecha Kucha
San Jose, California

Twenty20 Slides, Twenty20 Seconds Each

If Pecha Kucha San Jose were to fill out a resume, it would probably start like this...

Goal: To provide great insights, introduce new and exciting ideas, and provide a mixing ground for insanely creative people.

Employment History

Currently staffed by some of the most pleasant and creative presentations professionals and designers you'd ever want to meet. And yes, you can buy us a drink.


The PKSJ core team has spent over sixty cumulative years* learning about, composing and giving presentations.  From technique to technology, from analysis to advocation, from design to delivery, you won't find a better and more fun group to hang out with and present!

*OK, you've got us there.  Divide by four  if you must.  It's a conservative estimate, and we're still building the team.

Why so mysterious?

Who we are doesn't matter. 

This is really all about you! 

Join us as an audience member or presenter. Contact us and the mystery will all but disappear.

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